International :
welcoming students
from all over the world

At ESMA, we certainly do everything we can to give our students all the chances to reach their professional goals, and their personal fulfillment. On top of that, we also have the ambition to welcome students from all over the world. Therefore, as from 2018, ESMA will offer an English-speaking curriculum in CG animation & FX, in order to train foreign students.
Our campuses, on which Artemisia student residences are established, are also integrated in this approach.

An international curriculum

The English-speaking training in CG animation & FX offered at ESMA as from 2017 is the perfect opportunity for students from abroad to benefit from one of the most effective and recognized trainings worldwide, in a languagge they perfectly master.

You’ll have to move to France, have a look to our
“Study in France – guide”.

Study in France Guide

You’ll have to move to France?
Have a look to our
“Study in France – guide”.

Know more about Visa, accommodation, financial support…

Settle easily

The Artemisia student residences located on each one of ESMA campuses offer the comfort and the quality of life anyone could expect. Tastefully designed and furnished, the accommodations offer the great advantage of being at the foot of each school, making the students’ everyday life much easier.

Montreal : a new dimension

ESMA is currently setting up in the heart of Montreal, and will open classes as from September 2019. This arrival in the city of festivals marks for the school the entrance in a new era, enhancing its international dimension. Now more accessible to students from the American continent, the school follows the lead of many animation studios and video game companies (Ubisoft, Framestore, MPC, Electronic Arts…).