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Located in the heart of Canada, Montreal is a land rich in culture and full of celebrations. Second most populated city in the country, the Metropolis offers an outstanding quality of life.

For a few years now, Montreal has been welcoming many actors of the entertainment industry, among which video games companies, 3D animation studios, cinema and FX corporations…

In 2018, ESMA has decided to launch there its training in “3D Animation & FX”.

Contact Details

MONTREAL (Québec) H2X 2V1


Saint-Laurent Stop

Bus 55 and 363 – “Saint-Laurent / Sherbrooke” Stop

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The Campus

At ESMA Montreal, the study environment is unique. The “Ex-Centris” building, a true temple dedicated to cinema and entertainment, gathers ESMA, Collège Salette and Collège Marsan. 3 schools of art that, together, form a creative synergy.

Several amphitheatres, a film set, projection rooms, high-tech classrooms… And all this on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal’s main street. An extraordinary learning environment.

Découvrir le Collège Salette (Design et Illustration)